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Losing a permanent tooth to dental trauma or gum disease is both scary and concerning, but our experienced team at Pristine Smiles can offer tooth replacement solutions to restore your smile after tooth loss. For example, receiving a custom dental bridge can replace one or more teeth and offer a lot of new benefits for your smile.

We offer dental bridges to appear much like your natural teeth, with a false tooth or teeth to fill the gap, hemmed on each side by dental crowns. Dental porcelain can help the bridge match the natural color of your teeth. By placing a dental bridge, we can help you regain the ability to properly chew food and speak clearly, enunciating your words with precision. The overall function of a dental bridge is to perform like the tooth or teeth it is replacing.

There are two popular methods to place a dental bridge, the main one being to anchor the bridge to neighboring natural teeth through use of the dental crowns. If you prefer a more fixed option, we can have a dental implant surgically placed in the jawbone that is attached to the bridge, serving as a permanent tooth root. Most dental bridges last five to seven years, but your appliance can last as much as ten years if well cared for.

Dr. Nandhini Bogavelli can further discuss the benefits of a dental bridge in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, when you contact our office at 717-790-2184 today and schedule an appointment with our dentist.