Creating Super Smiles With Tooth Replacements

With highly effective tooth replacement treatments, our dentist can drastically improve your oral health and your smile’s appearance. If you have lost any teeth throughout your life, a dental implant, a dental bridge or dentures can be used to replace your missing teeth and restore your optimal oral health. Furthermore,... Read more »

The Exciting Possibilities of Dental Bridges

Losing a permanent tooth to dental trauma or gum disease is both scary and concerning, but our experienced team at Pristine Smiles can offer tooth replacement solutions to restore your smile after tooth loss. For example, receiving a custom dental bridge can replace one or more teeth and offer a... Read more »

Oral Health Topics: Plaque

One of the biggest risks to an individual’s smile consists of plaque buildup. Plaque is a thin layer of debris that rests on your teeth and slowly wears down your tooth enamel. Because they help protect the inner linings of a tooth, it can easily be damaged by acids and... Read more »

How to Achieve a Brighter Smile

Having a brighter smile can improve your appearance as well as boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. If you’re interested in eliminating the stains in your teeth to achieve a whiter smile, then our dentist, Dr. Nandhini Bogavelli, is more than happy to help you. There are many things you can... Read more »

Have You Tried Mouthwash for Foul Breath?

Many foods in our diet that are delicious yet strong can leave our smiles reeling from unpleasant odors that last for a long time. Simple breath fresheners such as breath mints and gum can often temporarily improve bad breath, but if bacteria is to blame, they won’t do much good.... Read more »

Dry Mouth Can Be Caused by Several Factors

Saliva plays several important roles in the function of your mouth. This includes moistening your mouth for clear speech and lubricating food while chewing and swallowing. Once you are done eating, the flow of saliva in your mouth also plays an important role in washing away loose food particles. Reduced... Read more »

Why Is Keeping Up on Oral Hygiene Important for the Oral Health?

If you want a strong and healthy smile and oral health, then you need to keep up on oral hygiene. Your oral hygiene routine should consist of brushing twice a day and flossing and rinsing daily. These things are very important. To help you understand why oral hygiene is important,... Read more »

Latent Toothache Pain Can Sometimes Be Linked to a Past Oral Trauma

Sometimes the jarring physical force suffered by an accidental blow to the mouth can cause harm that goes unnoticed at first. In some of these instances a swollen lip or sensitive gums might be dismissed as minor. Even if a tooth is impacted the lack of overt damage to the... Read more »

Discover Your Hidden Smile with Dental Anxiety Treatments

If you're ever worried about any pain associated with oral health care treatments, it is important to speak with your dentist about any dental anxieties you may be suffering from. Dental anxiety commonly arises from the fears and stresses with oral health care procedures and strikes when treatments might be... Read more »

Are Your Molars Protected From Decay With the Help of Dental Sealants?

The goal of daily oral hygiene care is to protect your teeth from decay and cavities. The most vulnerable of your teeth are the ones in the back that do the hard work of chewing your food. Because of their location, it's hard to clean them properly, so harmful oral... Read more »