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The complete denture created for you by the dental specialists at Pristine Smiles was designed from durable materials that are invulnerable to bacterial tooth decay. Yet you will still need to apply some daily habits to maintain the dental appliance and the overall health of your natural periodontal tissues. This will help ensure that your dentures fit comfortably with the underlying gums.

If you use denture adhesive to bond your dentures in place and help block out food particles, it will need to be addressed in your daily habits.

Before going to bed each night, you will need to take your dentures out to give them a thorough cleaning. This starts with a vigorous rinse to wash away residual denture adhesive while also providing a smooth surface to re-apply the denture adhesive the next day.

It’s important to clean surfaces of your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a little nonabrasive toothpaste. You can then store your dentures overnight by soaking it in water and keeping it in a safe place.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic bad breath, you might want to try brushing your tongue or scraping away excess plaque buildup with a special tongue scraper.

If you had your dentures created at Pristine Smiles’s dental offices in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and you have a question about how to maintain them, you can always call 717-790-2184 to speak to Dr. Nandhini Bogavelli or a member of her staff.