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Sometimes the jarring physical force suffered by an accidental blow to the mouth can cause harm that goes unnoticed at first. In some of these instances a swollen lip or sensitive gums might be dismissed as minor. Even if a tooth is impacted the lack of overt damage to the enamel layer might not seem severe.

Then a day or two passes and the mild discomfort of toothache pain starts to develop. This might also be associated with a sensation of pressure or growing pain in the underlying gums.

In cases like this the latent toothache pain might indicate that the internal structures of the tooth or gums and building inflammation has started to influence the tooth’s nerve. In a situation like this, you need to seek timely treatment at a dental office like Pristine Smiles.

Taking a standard dosage of an over the counter pain medication, or gently rubbing a topical oral analgesic on the gums might help minimize the pain while you wait for your appointment. If you are experiencing any swelling in the surrounding soft tissues you might want to gently apply a cold compress.

The source and severity of the damage will determine the treatment plan that Dr. Nandhini Bogavelli advocates. This often calls for her to perform a root canal to excise any damaged structures from within the tooth. Once this is done she will rebuild sufficient structure to anchor a dental crown in your mouth.

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