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Saliva plays several important roles in the function of your mouth. This includes moistening your mouth for clear speech and lubricating food while chewing and swallowing. Once you are done eating, the flow of saliva in your mouth also plays an important role in washing away loose food particles.

Reduced saliva production can increase the number of natural bacteria living in your mouth. This could exploit the trapped food, and promote bad breath and the chronic presence of plaque acids. Xerostomia, which is more commonly referred to as chronic dry mouth, can significantly increase your chances of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease.

Identifying the factors that contribute to your dry mouth problem can help develop an effective treatment strategy to restore your mouth’s essential moisture.

Several medications can contribute to chronic dry mouth problems. At the same time, chronic dehydration from something like frequent alcohol consumption or tobacco use can also contribute to reduced saliva production.

Early symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer might also cause a reduction in your mouth’s production of saliva. Early diagnosis of these serious oral health conditions can significantly increase your treatment options and success.

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