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A dentist like Dr. Nandhini Bogavelli will often use dental veneers and porcelain dental crowns to cosmetically enhance or restore affected teeth. While veneers will effectively replace the faces of your front teeth with dental grade porcelain or composite resin, a dental crown will fully replace a compromised tooth’s enamel layer.

While these materials are designed to be durable, and immune to tooth decay, there are still a few things you should do to maintain the dental work.

It’s important to keep in mind that the narrow biting surfaces of dental veneers will not be as strong as natural tooth enamel. Instead of biting off pieces of hard and tough foods, you might want to get in the habit cutting off chunks of crunchy foods and popping them in your mouth. This will allow you to break down the food with your premolars and molars.

It’s also important to remember that dental veneers are only on the facial surfaces of the tooth. The remaining tooth enamel could still be vulnerable to tooth decay. This means you will still need to brush the veneered teeth and dental crowns each morning and night, while also making sure to floss at least once each day.

Any porcelain dental crown restorations also need to be maintained. This includes twice daily brushing and remembering to floss at least once per day. If you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis you might want to sleep with a dental guard in your mouth to prevent fracturing the dental grade porcelain.

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